23 April 2011

Australian Masters Athletics Championship 2011 Brisbane 5000m

Sat. M45-49 5000m    3rd    15m50.18
I had no real race plan other than don't go out too hard! I startted in the second section on the outside, and cruised around to join up the inside runners at 150m and slotted into 3rd behind Robert Schwerkolt and Shane George. Bruce Graham ran 4th behind me in what was the best M45 5000m Masters field I have ever seen.
Robert had run 2m00.00 on Thurs and 4m06 on Fri. Shane had ran 4m16 finishing second. By rights these guys were a class apart so I was happy to hang onto them for as long as I could. Conditions were hot and sunny and humid - not ideal for running distance. I was pleased to keep close attention through 3k in 9m24. Shane swapped the lead with Robert and there were a couple of times he opened up a slight gap on Robert with me happy to stay on Roberts heels. Bruce dropped off the train after 5 or 6 laps. It was pretty gruelling and I could feel my calves suffering. With 4 laps to go Robert took the lead and gapped Shane. I overtook Shane and gave chase to Robert but he was too strong and besides I knew his kick would be devastating. Finally got the bell and I thought I'd dropped Shane but he came back on my shoulder with 200m to go and I think mentally I did not give it everything to fight for Silver. He pushed on and beat me by under 2 secs, (Robert was 15m40). I was satisfied with 3rd and being right there with Shane was a big turnaround from earlier this season.
The M50 Australian record is 15m49 and running 15m50 backing up from a tough 10K two days earlier puts me on track. Bruce ran 16m13 was probably disappointed but backing up after that 10K really was tough work.
It must have been a good race to watch and like I said really good for Masters running to get 3 M45 guys under 16mins in one race!
To give 'pace' indication my Garmin read;
Of course 9m24 at 3K meant we were actually 3m08's and 15m50 for me is 3m10's.
One consolation , I beat Robert and Shane on age percentage!

Event 212 M45 5000 Metre Run
Name Age Team Finals Age-Grading Points
1 Schwerkolt, Robert M45 VIC MASTERS   15:41.40    14:16.58    88.37%
2 George, Shane M45 QLD MASTERS         15:48.62    14:23.15    87.70%
3 Sweeney, David M49 QLD MASTERS       15:50.18    13:57.78    90.36%
4 Graham, Bruce M49 ACT VETERANS     16:13.17     14:18.05    88.22%
5 Mahony, Francis M49 QLD MASTERS      17:34.00    15:29.32    81.46%
6 Dell, Tony M48 VIC MASTERS                 18:25.84    16:22.88    77.02%
7 Grey, Jeff M47 ACT VETERANS             18:30.42     16:34.72    76.10%
8 Wiblen, Daryl M48 QLD MASTERS           18:48.40     16:42.93    75.48%
9 Daly, Gerard M49 QLD MASTERS            19:49.47     17:28.76    72.18%
10 Sheringham, Paul M48 NSW MASTERS   20:42.25    18:24.12    68.56%
11 Gard, Wayne M46 NSW MASTERS          21:38.58    19:32.36    64.57%

Event 212 M50 5000 Metre Run
Name Age Team Finals Age-Grading Points
1 Jago, John M50 TAS MASTERS 17:19.61 15:09.35 83.25%
2 Davies, Phil M53 QLD MASTERS 17:26.98 14:53.71 84.70%
3 Long, Allan M54 NORTHERN TERRITORY 17:35.90 14:53.82 84.69%
4 Dimauro, Con M52 QLD MASTERS 18:08.87 15:37.09 80.78%
5 Purvis, Mark M53 VIC MASTERS 18:24.06 15:42.43 80.32%
6 Byrne, Peter M51 NSW MASTERS 18:46.34 16:17.22 77.47%
7 Sharpe, Bradley M50 NSW MASTERS 19:43.37 17:15.10 73.13%
8 Pilkington, Roger M52 ACT VETERANS 21:14.89 18:17.18 69.00%
9 Harrell, Hayden M52 SA MASTERS 24:12.99 20:50.45 60.54%
10 White, Norman M52 SA MASTERS 24:24.88 21:00.68 60.05%

Run of the day ,out of the guys, had to be Ronnie Peters, M58 16m53.24 (91.29%)
All the results are here


Scott Brown said...

Terrific again David. Must be hard to back up. Still as you said you'd have to be bloody happy with it.

If you ever get a chance to race with Peter Magill in a road race after you both turn 50 you should do it!

Scott Lawrence said...

You are right David, it was an absolutely brilliant race to watch. With the heat and the grueling pace, the toll on all runners was apparent. Your effort to hang onto Shane and Rob, and almost get silver, was astonishing. Congratulations. I hope to see you at the GC 10k. Well done also to Bruce. 4th is frustrating, but you ran a hell of a race, Bruce. All the best, Scott

BeerMatt said...

Dave, you are in red hot form. Fantastic racing. Well done. Have you had a beer yet?