06 April 2011

Blind Jack of Knaresborough

Wed 5.21am 10.57km Lake+Roo 42m33  4m02 K's

On Saturday at Masters I went into the Officials room to ask about results, the Secretary, Heather said 'Hello Gerrard, You haven't paid your subs!' , - she had mistaken me for Gerrard Gossens the blind runner I'd mentioned on Saturday's post!
I thought this was peculiar - how could she think I was Gerrard who is 40, getting around without a guide or a stick? 
It struck me when I saw this photo of me Sunday why she might have made the mistake! (thanks for the photo Craig [Bellthorpe]/Lindsay Hope)
Blind Jack of Knaresborough was one of Britain's 'Master' Road builders during the Industrial Revolution.
The overnight temp is dropping below 20 O C for the first time in 6 months, lower humidity and lower temps much easier running conditions!


Scott Brown said...

Old blind mole, it's home sweet home down in his hole.


bob said...

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