30 April 2011

James Boag Clean of Heart

Fri  3.27pm 10.59km Roo+Lake  42m42  4m02 K's
Thur 4.11pm 10.58km Roo+Lake 42m30  4m01 K's

On Anzac Day Sunday after the AMA XC we had a BBQ at a friends place and I 'let my hair down' and succumbed to a good few James Boag's! The horrible truth is beer = weight and no beer = faster! 
I attribute my miraculous athletic improvement in part to getting close to my race weight 62kg. It is a sacrifice that I intend to continue to make until I hit the Big 50 and achieve some goals. I shan't however be a Monk and completely abstain but only  imbibe infrequently. It is a small sacrifice that can reap satisfying rewards. Actually for me, a real beer lover, foregoing the Friday night beer or beer with BBQ is a big sacrifice but the rewards are worth it!
BeerMatt in Dublin and Philippe in 'Luxembourg'.
Here are a couple of pages from my night time reading 'Clean of Heart'
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Having looked at the reading material, I suggest you have a Boags quickly.

And those who financially or morally support any religious organisation should be publicly flogged!!

Now get back to training!