09 April 2011

Something Different

6.26pm 3 X 2K - 5min recovery
1. 7m02 (3m31's K  152bpm) 
2. 7m01 (3m31's K  159bpm)
3. 6m37 (3m19's K  164bpm)

No time to get to the track today so set the Garmin for 3 X 2KM (was meant to be 3 X 2 Miles) with 5min jog recovery. It was dark and the course was Cadel = Road with street lights but crossing lots of roads and roundabouts, uphills and downhills. No opportunity to really know what pace I was travelling at (the Garmin counts down from 2KM). Did 2km warm up and 3km in jog recoveries.

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Scott Lawrence said...

New M45 3k AR: Rob Schwerkolt 8:49 today.