10 April 2011

Rob Schwerkolt Australian M45 3000m Rec 8m49

Nudgeee 10 X 400m 120m jog recovery 
69.43  144bpm
71.91  150bpm
71.18  153bpm
71.06  154bpm
70.00  155bpm
69.92  157bpm
69.38  158bpm
69.31  159bpm
69.58  159bpm
66.24  162bpm

It was warm and sunny (26 O C), slight breeze, good session.

Thanks Scott Lawrence for news that Rob Schwerkolt  has today broken the Australian M45 3000m Rec with a 8m49 clocking! Brilliant performance and congratulations.
No surprise really if you can run 4m00 for 1500m then for sure you should be close to 8m40.
Pete Magill was running close to 8m30 off 4.00min 1500's.

My friend James Espir (a 3m56 Miler in his day) writes ;

I felt I should update you all on my forthcoming challenge.
In January 2008 I was advised after knee surgery that my running career was over.
Over the preceding 35 years and numerous operations it was beyond repair and the only course of action was a cartilage replacement. However the surgeon advised against it as there was only a 50 /50 chance of success .
I went to see him again last week and because of advances in medical science he is now happy to operate, telling me if it was him , he would have it done. There is an 80% success rate. So on 7th May I'm having the first operation to remove some cartilage cells. They will be cultivated in the laboratory and be transplanted along with some new synthetic material back in my knee on 14th June.
I will be immobilized for 8 weeks and will then start 6 months rehabilitation.I should then be able to start running properly again.....
In the meantime I'm on a mission to get super-fit, training twice a day (gym/jogging/weights etc) am in great shape !...  And I will of course be running on my crutches whilst in plaster !

It is amazing the lengths that we will go to in order to run! I really hope it works out for him and will keep you advised of his progress.

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Scott Brown said...

"It is amazing the lengths that we will go to in order to run!"

Yes, David. Thanks for that. Inspiring stuff! I sometimes I regret that I ever started on this road, that is running, as I feel that It would be hard, or naer impossible for me to feel whole again if I couldn't run!