17 April 2011

Steve Irwin Way

Sun 8.00am SSCXC Mooloolah 
12km 45m51  1st Open (1st Cat)
3km 11m12 1st & 1st

This course is at the Ewan Maddocks Dam in Mooloolah. A three lap course with plenty (3) of hills, tight twisting paths in the woods, rocky, muddy and wet.No Mark Hutchinson today but I had company for the first K , I ran better up the hills and he ran better down the hills (I was putting the brakes on). The hills were steep and muddy with the longest one being the last one - a very tough bugger to run!
The course even had a boardwalk section into the reservoir and a grassy section along the dam wall. The course is much changed from when I have run it before in 2008 and 2006 so no point comparing times but happy to get two wins under my belt. Photo below is section along the dam wall.
I had to do a little interview for Channel 7 news on the Sunshine Coast, I'm sure I was very lame but fortunately not many will see it ; )
I took the Steve Irwin Way route home for a more scenic drive than the Bruce.

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