16 April 2011

Confidence Booster

Sat. 9.20am  Nudgee 3 X 2Miles (3200m) - 4min lap jog recovery;

1; 10m31.91 - 9m52 @ 3000m 158bpm

2; 10m22.50 - 9m42 @ 3000m  167bpm

3; 10m20.15 - 9m41 @ 3000m  168bpm

This is a McMillian 10K Session. 
Cooler than normal  (22 O C ) , cloud cover, slight breeze = good conditions!
In some respects, not as difficult as doing 20 X 400m (Half Zatopek) as it is just 3 efforts, but you have to concentrate for a lot longer and keep the effort consistent. I have to count the laps to myself and out loud.
I was going to aim at about 3m18 K's but the Garmin is so rubbish around the track that I ended up running on gut feel. I took the first interval cautiously  (never having run such long intervals!), I found the session relatively easy (the real pain is only the last  800m,  but I guess that is proportional !).
Yet how come I was struggling to a 9m30 3000m just two weeks ago? 
If I was finishing at the 3000m mark today I'd have run 9m35 on the last interval (don't we all push the finish of a last interval?).
I ran it in spikes and yet the calves feel OK ! 
I'm racing (not seriously) 15km XC  tomorrow and then going to be taking it easy.

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