07 September 2011

AAA Championships 1978

Wed 5.36am Roo+Lake  10.58km 43m33  4m07 K's
Tues 5.36am Lake+Roo  10.60km  42m57  4m03 K's
Mon  5.40am Roo+Lake  10.58km  47m34  4m30 K's

In a year when I ran 8m39 finishing 11th in the Youths AAA Champs in 1978 was a big disappointment .In hindsight it wasn't that bad,if you  discount O'Keefe from Ireland then I finished 10th in a National Champs.
Gary Taylor and Kalvin Newton ran brilliantly considering they were a year under age. The Junior race was a galaxy of stars. 17th John Doherty ran in two Olympic Games for Ireland (Seoul & Barcelona) 5000m PB 13:14.17.

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kevin f forde said...

A few famous names on that list Colin Reitz and Paul Davis Hale