23 September 2011

Fields of Athenry

I decided to have a training break following NZ. 
Having had a number of hip episodes since the 2008 Stressie I am ever mindful that for me it is going to be a problematic area . Though I haven't quite got to the point where I could say it is painful I feel that it could start to get that way. Last Jan/Feb I had a similar episode but let it get to a more painful stage however a two week break and was OK to get going again.I'm listening to my body!


Scott Brown said...

Hey David

Nice photos of your trip to NZ and that 10K in thew conditions shows you to be in good form. I like that line "I have to remind myself I do this for fun"!

And nice going "Listening to your body" It might reward you in the not too distant future.

Bye for now


kevin f forde said...

As my former coach who was the same age as me used to say
"at our age not only as we more prone to injury but it also takes us longer to recover so we just have to be smart about it"