25 September 2011


Sat 4.35pm 10.52km 43m44 4m09 K's
Sun 1.02pm 10.54km 42m43 4m03 K's

The good wife rang me on Fri arvo on a frenetic day at work, "what time are you leaving?" "I dont want you to come home I'm in Room 617 At Ridges (hotel)" it's across the River from where I work in the City. I finish up extra quick and dash over to the Southbank! my minx of a wife arranged a surprise night in town for dinner and drinks with friends to celebrate my half century this Wednesday. With 4 kids this isa very rare treat and a lovely surprise. How my kids managed to keep it buttoned I dont know!
With all the booze in NZ and then on Friday night, I just had to get moving again or the weight gain would have been too much to stomach (pun intended).
So Sat & Sun 10.5km Roo+Lake , only had a week off and the body reacts like it's the first time I've ever run this, rather than the 1500th time (my conservative estimate!)
PF sore,hip minor background,knee initial run stages only.
Apologies for typos but typing /posting this from my patio in shorts post run on my $100 Zeepad -ipad copy!

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