03 September 2011

Mickey Morton

Sat 2.15pm 10.57km Roo+Lake 39m33 3m45 K's  very windy

More races from 1976 including the Biggleswade Easter Monday Road Races.
17th in the Seniors my mate Danny Felsentein who now lives in Israel and still runs and competes.
2nd in the Youths was my mate at Loughborough Tim Redman.
Winner of my Boys race Dave Swain who went with Gary Taylor on a scholarship to Arkansas USA.
Results on top  RHS  are from the Leicester Open.
1st in youths Mickey Morton was an unbelievable smooth easy style runner of supreme quality.
13th in my race Paul Davis Hale became a British international on the track who ran 1m52, 3m43,3m56, 7m44, 8m20S/C, 13m21,28m24, 61m39 and 2h11 - some record hey?
I remember turning up late for the International Athletes Club Boys XC Race at Crystal Palace didn't have much of a warm up and was disappointed with the result but it was a pretty close race! All those guys were good runners.
In the Havering Road Relay team my club London Irish came second, we were not used to success so that result in itself had merit. The guys in my team were a year older than me but we had quite a balance team.
In the Youths race Colin Reitz became a British international steeplechaser. He was a flamboyant character!
Running with Jeff Kaye in the Shaftesbury Youths team was Stuey Moore. I flatted with Stuey in Fairlight in Sydney in 1988/89 - the guy who was the catalyst in first getting me to travel to Oz! Now living in Perth and playing Football with occasional runs.

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