20 September 2011

Titirangi 10KM

Sat  Titirangi 10KM (9.7) 35m33  1st

The plan was to run the Legends Half Marathon but due to late arrival swapped to the 10KM. To say I was worse for wear was an understatement as on Friday my brother Tim and I had started at lunchtime and gone long into the night! Just how we made it to the start line I'll never know. Gun goes off and not unexpectedly I feel crap. It was freezing cold so I wore gloves! I would have worn a beaney under my cap but knew at least my head would warm up. Two young guys take off at pace and I run early K's in 3rd about 50m back. An inner loop at about 2K and I work my way to the front. The rains pour down at one stage and I have to remind myself I do this for fun. The course takes in some challenging hills and feeds into the full Mara and Half course.
At the finish line I meet HuRTS guys Enda and later on Charlie and Connor.
I went back to my unit for some sleep. More later.
Results here

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kevin f forde said...

Congrats on the win,shame about the 1/2 marathon but watching rugger and drinking doesn't mix well w/ running!!!