28 September 2011

Half Century

Mon  5.33am 10.53km Roo+Lake  45m53  4m21 K's
Tues 12.11pm 12.40km River 46m35  3m45 K's
Wed 9.20am 10.46km Roo+Lake 43m53  4m12 K's

The Garmin is a year old today and records 3389.25km  233.54.18
50 years old today!! Still feel like a 25yo and have the libido to match! Now for a crack at any records that want my name!


Tim said...

Hey Happy Birthday Master, Have a good one, heres to the next few years of more PBs and good runs and keeping those young ones at bay :).

SBx said...

happy birthday david, hope there are loads of records for you in the new bracket

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday David - May the same force be with you for the next 50 years!!! :)
Philippe (Luxembourg)

Scott Brown said...

As Tom says David all the best for the next stage. By all accounts it gets better!

BTW I often hear Earl Fee the almost 80 world record holder talk about his libido! I wonder if running helps in this respect?

kevin f forde said...

Happy 50th B'day Dave,good luck going after any or all M50 records you so choose

Anonymous said...

HBD #50!

50's: Last one to get injured... wins!


David said...

Thanks for your comments guys.
Really must be getting old if I'm talking about my libido!
Who is FB?

GRIFFIN said...

Happy Birthday Dave, welcome to the 50's...

Boy am I so glad to be moving up to the 55's, what with you and Bruce Graham coming in to the 50's group, you two will be smashing all the age group records, enjoy yourselves guys...

Cherries all ripe for the picking.

Gary (GRIFFIN) Bowen

Anonymous said...

Hello David...

Who's FB? OK, a hint...First name begins with and F.

Forde would know.... loser that he is.


David said...

Hi Francis!
It came to mid session this arvo down tbe track!
You youngsters should make allowances for us old guys fading memories!
And is anyone else was wondering Francis Burdett!

David said...

Thanks Gary! I did hear from Bruce but then his post went missing, I think he is 50 in Jan/Feb. It is great to be young again!! Good luck for the 55's KB has put re ords there ojt of sight!