09 September 2011

Extreme behaviour?

Thur 5.30am Roo+Lake 10.58km 44m21 4m12 K's
Fri 5.39am Roo+Lake 10.54(!)km 43m29 4m08 K's

Trying to hold myself together! - on top of the niggles, I get the train home yesterday and a guy sits besides me and starts to cough! He continues to splutter sporadically and I become increasingly indignant that he should choose to sit beside me and potentially  infect me with a cough right before the Bridge to Brisbane on Sunday morning. 
I pull up the collar on my jacket to provide a partial barrier to the germs heading from him towards me, I turn my body sideways to further prevent the virus heading for my lungs, he coughs and I hold my breath for as long as possible to allow the germs floating in the air to fall away from my catchment breath area. 
I actually fish out my handkerchief  from my pocket and hold it to my nose/mouth as another barrier ! I admit I didn't keep the hanky at my face for the whole journey! 
Thankfully he got off at Northgate and the relief was palpable.
Is this extreme behaviour or just part and parcel of being a runner?


Tim said...

Sorry Dave, i didn't realise Enda was up in Brisvegas on holidays at the moment, i thought he was in Port Douglas.... I'll have a word with him over his behaviour :)

TokyoRacer said...

No, completely understandable! I would have gotten up and moved away, even if I had to stand the rest of the way.