15 September 2011

La de da Gunner Graham

Thur 12.28pm 25 O C  10.56km Roo+Lake 44m01  4m10 K's  

I felt OK today after yesterdays stair climb! I expected some soreness but none! Remarkable really, all the niggles are OK. I got attacked by a bird, the first of the season (this kind of thing never happened in the UK) I saw it's silhouette above my head -  a swift fist in the air was enough to scare the blighter off.
I had my hair cut today at my local Rothwell Barbers 'Stags' it is appropriate for me as mine rests peacefully in the garage for the last year! Anyhow he has old British TV shows showing so I watch 'It ain't half hot mum!' and 'Are you being Served?' It must be my age because as a kid I didn't like IAHHM but now I can see the funny side. As for 'Are you being Served?' It's a scream and there is something about the young Wendy Richards - Miss Brahms (sadly deceased) with her oh so Cockney accent that still does it for me ;-)
I shall leave it for Young Timmy  to pass comment on Molly Sugden (Mrs. Slocombe).

I am off to Auckland this arvo to meet up with my younger brother Tim as part of a Farther's Day /early Birthday present. 
Timmy got us tickets to see Ireland V Wallabies. Not sure who I want to win as I support both teams. I have Two Aussie RU flags and caps but Timmy will probably be going for Ireland (because he lives in NZ and our parentage).
Nearly forgot, thinking of running The Legends Half or 10K on Sat morning - depends how drunk my brother gets me! It is the course trained on by Lydiard and his athletes
with a mountain about halfway - should be a blast!


Tim said...

Yes David, old Mrs Slocombe was alright in her day, talking of that show - look out for our mate Enda over in NZ - he's a dead ringer for 'Wilberforce Humphries(John Inman) and listen out for the 'I'm Free' call at the ground :)

kevin f forde said...

Hard to think that Wendy Richards went from the young Ms Brams to Pauline Fowler in "Eastenders" which we're only 6 and a half years behind the UK here in America!!!!!