04 September 2011

10 X 400m @ 69.00 Billy Dee

Sunday 3.27pm Nudgee 10 X 400m  110m Jog recovery  Windy Ave 69.005

#1.   68.46  145bpm
#2.   69.57  153bpm
#3.   70.61  155bpm
#4.   69.82  155bpm
#5.   69.97  157bpm
#6.   69.46  157bpm
#7.   68.64  160bpm
#8.   68.79  158bpm
#9.   68.33  160bpm
#10. 66.40  161bpm

Windy conditions led me to change my plans for running long intervals (2000m) to 400's, had to battle wind first bend and finishing straight.A  fair session.
Some track results from 1976 I was 14 years old.
Racing me at Luton was Billy Dee. Billy was another guy who went on to perform brilliantly as a senior getting a National vest. His PB performances were;
2h50m22 in 2003 ten years after his main track career finished in 1993. 
The 3000m puts Billy 15th on the All Time British list. After many many years running for Luton, Billy joined our Club,  Shaftesbury Harriers. An amazing talent.

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Tom said...

Good session there mate. Just got to improve that 3rd rep by 62 one-hundredths!