13 September 2011

Bridge to Brisbane 2011 Results

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I am very happy to get 13th best ever result and I was the 1st Male over 35 y.o.

Mon 5.57pm Roo+Lake 10.52km 45m09 4m18 K's
Tues 5.33am Roo+Lake 10.61km 45m36 4m18 K's

I pulled up with really sore thighs after Sunday, not sure if it was the race or the clamber over the fence at the start because I never normally suffer DOMS after a race.
I've set myself an unusual challenge for tomorrow!
Brisbane's first ever Stair Race - the tower isn't that big, 31 flights, but if my legs were sore Monday they aint gonna like Wednesday/Thursday! 
It is madness I know but I can't not race it - the building is opposite mine in CBD.
Has anyone got any tips for stair running??

2011 Bridge To Brisbane
11 September 2011   |   Event Web Site

#Bib #NameFinish TimePlaceGenderG/PlaceDivisionD/Place
100001REUBEN KOSGEI00:29:371M1M30-341VIEW RESULT
200187GEOFREY TERER00:30:002M2M30-342VIEW RESULT
300002PETER NOWILL00:30:213M3M30-343VIEW RESULT
500107DARYL CROOK00:32:095M5M19-241VIEW RESULT
600109JAY TWIST00:32:246M6M19-242VIEW RESULT
700106ANTHONY CRAIG00:32:307M7M30-344VIEW RESULT
900105MATT CARLSSON00:33:259M9M19-243VIEW RESULT
1000110DREW WILLIAMS00:33:3710M10M19-244VIEW RESULT
1100089CLAY DAWSON00:34:0111M11M25-292VIEW RESULT
1201802TIM GARRETT00:34:0412M12M25-293VIEW RESULT
1300040DAVID SWEENEY00:34:0713M13M45-491VIEW RESULT
1400004CASSANDRA FIEN00:34:1214F1F25-291VIEW RESULT
1500124MATTHEW BOURKE00:34:1615M14M30-346VIEW RESULT
1600458MATHEW SKATE00:34:1916M15M35-391VIEW RESULT
1700111GRANT WILLIAMS00:34:2117M16M19-245VIEW RESULT
1806728CRAIG O'CONNELL00:34:2618M17M35-392VIEW RESULT
1900024MASAYUKI ATSUMI00:34:2719M18M30-347VIEW RESULT
2000064HAGAN PATRICK00:35:0520M19M14-181VIEW RESULT
2212234SHAUN LEE00:35:1722M21M14-182VIEW RESULT
2400082DAVID STRICKLAND00:35:2724M22M19-247VIEW RESULT
2500182CHRIS MATTHEWS00:35:3225M23M35-393VIEW RESULT
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