03 July 2008

Bob Parker

Thursday 12.00noon 10.5K Bridges 40m26s

The rest did not make the knees any better. It is about three K's running before the pain settles down. Probably some form of tendinitis which I'll get looked at after Sunday. Don't want a Doctor or a Physio telling me before Sunday not to race! So if it were not for the bloody knee issue I would say I'd be flying. I still think I'll do OK but when it starts to hurt on Sunday my defences , resolve and fight will have been weakened.
I have been fantastically paranoid over the last two weeks. Trying to keep away from the cough/cold doing the rounds. I sat opposite a girl on the train who was yapping away on a hands free and coughing, I got up and walked down the carriage for another seat. I'm holding my breath when standing at the traffic lights to cross the road in the CBD and people are coughing in the crowd. I travelled up to Townsville with a colleague but sat away from him on the plane because he has been coughing for the last THREE weeks!! There again, I sit next to him at work and shared a car with him 5 hours to Bowen and back! Actually the guys who sit either side of me at work both have coughs, I'm trying not to breath!! I have the relief of a Property Conference tomorrow - oh no, 200 people sat together in a conference hall all day!!


Blair said...

I know the feeling Dave. I'm paranoid about being near anyone at the moment. The whole world seems to be sick. :)

Robert Song said...

I have been following your blog for a month or so. Thanks for giving me an insight into the training of those closer to the pointy end of the race than me.

Good luck with the race on Sunday.

PS Just a note on Glucosamine. I believe it can take up to 4-6 weeks for results to kick in for osteoarthritis.

Anonymous said...

I am running that slow that it wouldn`t affect me at the moment if I got a cold,did 20 km along the redcliffe beach front this afternoon,the scenery was awesome & the weather great,the legs are a different story,i think i will really be struggling from the 15 km on sunday,that`s when the mental side of it comes in,oh well it`s going to hurt,got to get under 1.30,it`s on my mind all this week,Nicoles going to invite Scott Prince to a bbq now that he`s out for the rest of the year,Hope your knees get better Dave,Talk before sunday,Geoff.

runsweeney said...

Thanks Guys for all your comments and encouragement!
Geoff, if Scotty comes over I'm in!