04 July 2008

Sean Butler

Friday 5.00pm 11KM Roo+Lake 39m28s

I ran a super fast session tonight. I had Sunday on my mind. When I think about Racing I run quickly. I tried to keep it fairly steady for the first half (still in pain for 3K's), it was good conditions, cool and no wind and I start going over the race in my mind and the speed just seems to go into my pace. I felt pretty comfortable at this pace which would be equivalent to my all time top SIX performance on Roo+Lake. This performance gives me a boost in confidence though I do still worry that perhaps I'm going to be run out of steam due to lack of long endurance runs. The photo above is from GC last year - I don't think it is going to be a Blue Sky day on Sunday. Forecast is showers which is OK as at least the cloud cover means it wont be freezing cold at 6.00am.
Mostly Sunday for me will be about me racing the clock running the fastest time possible and hoping that the competition gives me a push through out the race. However, there is a young lad from Sydney called Tom Highnam who just nipped past me in last years 10K. He is running the Half this year, check out his blog here and look at his dads PB's and age performed - very impressive hey? I think we will run pretty close to each other again, hopefully this time I can prevail!


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