13 December 2010

2nd Best

Sat Rest
Sun 5.20pm 10.68km Roo+Lake 38m47  (3m38 K's)
Mon 12.28pm Go Betweens 12.29km  (4m17 K's)

Sat a.m. spent the morning mowing the lawn and doing the edging , someone had left the Brisbane Sauna going all night so by the morning things were really steaming. It was way too hot and humid for running so thought I might go out later. However, a storm came and cooled things down to reasonable conditions but it it rained all afternoon. In the end just didn't feel like running in the rain so had a rest day.
Sun was more rain! kind of needed to get down to the track but in the end just ran Roo+Lake flat out. The wet weather Roo+Lake is slightly longer than the dry one (wet means I don't run the straight tangents across the grass so it is about 100m/20secs longer). So 38m47 2nd  best ever and is pretty close to my fastest ever 38m20 in August. Went through 10K in about 36m40.
4m00, 3m39, 3m36, 3m42, 3m35, 3m39, 3m36, 3m32, 3m40, 3m35, 2m13 (3m17 pace)
I got out this arvo for what I can only describe as a test of endurance. I was mighty stiff and sore from yesterdays run and the unbelievably sweltering conditions made it slow going. I really should have waited till this evening but as Nat does Soccer training there isn't normally time to get a full run in.Officially the temp was about 29 O C (84 O F) and 62% humidity, doesn't seem so bad does it -  But believe me! I looked a mess when I got back to work, I sat in the shower cubicle for 10mins dripping wet and took a 10min cold shower and was still sweating when I tried to put my shirt on! I wont do that again....


Anonymous said...

check out Kevin Fordes www.kevinrunningfree.blogspot.com

A Celtic cockney who runs in the USA...ran 4.2X for 5th avenue mile in Sep. PR 5K 15:38 this year at 46.

Anonymous said...

Also Sean Wade from NZ originally but now a top master in USA..


Click on coaches blog...

Anonymous said...

Great win by Magill on Saturday at XC nationals. He won the whole thing at age 49 in a top field.


Some video if you like:


Anonymous said...

Hey Running Masters, I love Australia! Thanks for your comment on my blog!