10 December 2010

U2 360

Fri 5.29am  10.6km Roo+Lake 41m57   (3m58 K's)
Thur 5.23am 10.65km Roo+Lake 43m32  (4m05 K's)
Wed 5.28am 10.64km Roo+Lake 44m05  (4m09 K's)

Running conditions this week have been fantastically humid! the sweating has been monumental each arm stoke shakes about 4 droplets of sweat off! I'm managing to get through the party season lots of beer but will have some abstinence in the New Year !
Natalie and I went to see U2's 360 Show last night at Suncorp Stadium, and amazing show from one of my all time favourate  bands - sensational!

1 comment:

Scott Brown said...

Sounds great! The concert, not the sweating!