15 December 2010

USATF Club Cross Country - Masters Men

Tues 5.31am 10.55km Roo+Lake 42m47  (4m03 K's)
Wed 5.24am 10.57km Roo+Lake 41m25  (3m55 K's)

Hey many thanks Anon for posting those links, I do follow Kevin Fordes Blog (even though he is a Spuds fan!)
and it was remiss of me not to pick up on the USA Masters XC Champs. I saw some photos of Pete Magill on Facebook running XC but just thought they were some old photos he'd been tagged on! With the juxtaposition of our seasons I just didn't get it that there are actually people splashing around in snow and mud racing XC right now!! It was 90% humidity during yesterdays run and must have been the same today, blue shies and 23 O C (about low 70's F).

Pete continues to show terrific form, an amazing achievement to win the Masters title outright at age 49!! I'm sure he will have been specially pleased to have beaten his team mate Christian Cushing-Murray. The WR M50 5000m is 6 or 7 months away!
What a fantastic field of runners were assembled puts us Aussies to shame!
Results are Here

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