31 December 2010

Happy New Year!

Thurs 6.23pm 10.63km Roo+Lake 40m21  (3m48 K's)

Fri 1.56pm Nudgee 15 X 400m -110m jog recovery/75secs? 

1. 73;07  (138bpm), 2. 74;48 (148bpm) 3. 73;24 (151bpm), 
4. 75;16 (152bpm), 5. 74;40 (153bpm) 6. 73.84 (155bpm), 
7. 74;25 (157bpm), 8. 73;46 (157bpm), 9. 73;11 (159bpm), 
10. 74;52 (159bpm) 11. 74;43 (158bpm) 12. 73;61 (161bpm), 
13. 73.46 (161bpm) 14. 72;88 (164bpm) 15. 70;53 (165bpm)

Conditions for todays track session were tough 29.1 O C (84  O F), and 15km/h wind speed gusting to 28km/h, it certainly felt like it cost 2 secs a lap! Wind was pushing me back for the whole  finishing straight and was also a battle for the first 80m of each rep.
Monday's session had left my calves feeling really sore - took me  two days to recover so I did this session in my  Adidas Adizero 'Tempos'
Yesterdays run was a typical check out the Garmin pace as your going along and doing the mental arithmetic could I go under 40mins while still not going flat out? The answer was no! as I got closer to home I started to put the hammer down and still came up short.
No time to post my review so will do it later!
Happy New Year All!

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Scott Brown said...

Happy New Year David