04 December 2010

3000m 9m18.6

Sat 7.30am Griffiths Uni. Southport  3000m  9m18.6
Fri 5.26am 5.66km Roo 22m54 (4m03 K's)
Thur 5.20am 10.62km Roo+Lake 42m21  (3m59 K's)

I expected to run about 9m15 based on last weeks performance in the VO2 Max tables.
I put in  a good solo effort. Hitting the K in about 3m02 , most of the other lap times escaped me as I haven't quite tuned into hitting these slower marks. Conditions were OK , slight breeze and drizzle. The worst thing about this track was all the Duck $hite all over the track courtesy of the Duck family that live there!
So 9m18 is OK off the limited training I'm doing, it is getting there, but I don't think I'll be happy till I run say sub 9m10 .
Lots of people use MacMillan Calculator to assess their performances, I like the Running for Fitness Web site as they use a number of different tables from which you can compare and contrast race pace from race pace, check it out here
Have a great weekend guys and hope it rains in Adelaide!


Scott Brown said...

A bit hard on yourself there David I reckon....

"Of course You can go faster in Your perfect race, but to get that cracking mark on the scoreboard for now is phenomenal ! Congrats!"

wooldridge said...

Just reading your blog for the first time. You are running really well. I live in the US and just got back into running after 11 years off...really stupid. Keep up the good work. Inspiring others by your performances is really cool.