27 December 2010

You'll Never Walk Alone!

1.15pm Nudgee 8 X 800m 400m jog recovery;

1. 2m26;12   153bpm  (71.79  143bpm   +  74.33  164bpm)
2. 2m28;37   157bpm  (72.72  148bpm   +  75.60  167bpm)
3. 2m26;92   159bpm  (72.53  149bpm   +  74.39  170bpm)
4. 2m26;58   161bpm  (71.71  152bpm   +  74.87  171bpm)
5. 2m28;06   159bpm  (73.24  149bpm   +  74.82  170bpm)
6. 2m26;66   162bpm  (72.75  153bpm   +  73.91  172bpm)
7. 2m27;00   164bpm  (missed split)
8. 2m23;61   166bpm  (finger slipped on button again but saw it was 70 so + 73)

I had seen Kevin Forde do this session and thought it would be interesting to see how I compare.
Conditions were sopping wet! It has been raining for what seems like a month! I am rotating my running shoes to have a dry pair but humidity is so high nothing is drying! In fact we had this really freaky instance today where it is so humid we are getting water condensing  on our floor tiles inside the house! It was 93% humidity indoors!
Back at the track I tied on my spikes tight and splashed around this session, I ran bare chested with just the HR monitor.2000m warm up, + 4 strides and off.
I think 800's are easier to run than 1K's as they are easier to sustain, that extra 200m in a K seems to mess you up (both mentally and physically). I could see I was running all my first laps quicker and only in the 5th interval did I make a deliberate attempt to see if slowing the first lap helped the pace on the 2nd lap = it didn't so I reverted to going out hard and hanging on. After 3 I thought there was no way I could manage 8 but kept them going and was' virtually racing' Kevin in my mind! Thought I was going to pull the plug at 6 but having the whole lap as recovery (3mins??) meant I was well recovered by the start = heart rate dropping to about 110bpm prior to the start of each interval. Pleased with this session! No one else at the track, high humidity, sopping wet conditions, and lasting the whole session.


Tom said...

Mate, let's lock in Roo + Lake for 5th March. This route has become legendary in running circles so I'm going to train specifically for it!

TokyoRacer said...

Strange weather down there...I thought Australia was the land of drought.
I have to disagree with you about 800s/1000s. I don't like 800s because it just seems like you are supposed to be running *fast.* 1000s seem comfortable, while 800s are always painful. And 1000 is a nice round number. Also, I like to know what 5k pace I'm running at, which is easy with a 1000 but very difficult with an 800.
Well done on the workout, though.