03 December 2010

Keith Bateman does it again!

Keith Bateman M55 last night in Melbourne ran 10,000m in 32m28.7 just a second outside the World Record but a massive 70sec better the existing Aussie Record and better even than Ronnies M50 Record which is 32m54'ish. imagine being a lap in front of the next best there has ever been in your country!!! he will be very disappointed to have missed out on his 2nd WR in a month but nevertheless an incredible run!


Scott Brown said...

Yes, that really is something!! Shows Keith knows how to get the best out of himself.

I would be foolish to expect that Keith could transfer all that talent to me. But I've been in contact with him and he's going to give me some advice on how to run faster. I reckon it can't hurt, I've always believed in learning from people that can do what you want to!

Part of the reason I read your blog David, and cause you have such great taste in music ;)

Fossil said...

hi Guys - here are the splits: Race splits 75 78 77 76 77 76 76 77 77 78 78 78 81 78 80 79 79 80 80 79 80 81 79 79 71

What you perhaps need Scott is a coach like mine - Sean said this morning 9after some congratulations) "you would have run better with me there. Actually that's a crap time; you are training much better than that!" Hmmm.... I was happy just to finish on the night!

David Sweeney said...

Hey Keith
Many thanks for those lap times! Interesting how you managed to bang in a 78 after that errant 81 on Lap 13. Of course You can go faster in Your perfect race, but to get that cracking mark on the scoreboard for now is phenomenal ! Congrats!