18 December 2010

QMA 3000m 9m32 2nd/1st

Sat 7.00am QMA 3000m 9m32.4  2nd/1st
Fri 5.00am 10.68km Roo+lake 45min aprox (Garmin got to full and stopped!)
Thurs 5.19am 10.48km Roo+Lake 44m57  (4m17 K's)

I was hoping to improve on my seasons/years  best but I was also aware that I had curtailed my track session's
a few weeks ago and that the chance of running sub 9m18 would be slim. Conditions were very humid but no wind! I was told a Tri guy called Carl Gufesston (30  years old, no Lycra! and he had hair on his legs!!) would be running 9m15 and was looking forward to some company!
Perhaps I was a little too on edge and blasted out a 69/70 first lap and could not recover from that (that was the lack of recent interval training) 1st K was about 3m04 and tri guy Carl went past me and I was just underdone/unprepared and could not  keep with him.
Just hung on and was happy to keep Phil Davies behind me at the finish.
Carl ran 9m17.3.
Had a problem with the right foot during the week, might have been a spider bite as it was inflamed swollen and sore. It did not affect me in the race and is on the mend.


TokyoRacer said...

Wow, that is an unhealthy looking foot!
I've heard that there are all types of dangerous spiders (and lots of other things) in Australia....

Scott Brown said...

Yes Bob, Australia, it's no place for the faint hearted ;)

Even so I don't think we could run as fast as David even if a spider the size of your hand was chasing us!!!

Well done David, I wonder what you'd be capable of if you could string a few months of uninterupted training together?

It's Scary to think!!