21 December 2010

Red Square

Tues 5.04pm Roo+Lake 10.63km  39m55  (3m45 K's)
Mon 5.56pm Roo+Lake 10.65km 45m15  (4m15 K's)

That Human League lyric reminded me of Moscow 1984, I dressed up in my most dour outfit to fit in with the locals! 
March March March across Red Square!
Do all the things you wouldn't dare!

I have changed the video in the previous Post which has a pretty cool Star Wars content that suits the track nicely!


Tom said...

Dave, I'm in Brisvegas from 3rd - 5th March for my firm retreat. Any races on the Sat morning you know of?

David Sweeney said...

Tom, Cant find any races for Sat morning so if you like we can race Roo+Lake ? Sunday race's on Sunshine Coast or Womens 5K on South Bank (Men can take part but not win prizes!!)

Anonymous said...

I took this photo and demand royalties.

Glad to see you and family OK despite weather conditions. News we see in UK looks horrific.


David Sweeney said...

Johnny The Shoe!
Hey good to hear from you!
Those were the days Hey? I have a few photos that I took, one was a long distance shot of a huge poster featuring Karl's face with you a very tiny you in the corner. I think you have a similar one of me!
Do you remember the KGB ruined all our film!!!!