29 December 2010

OOOh too be aaahh- Goooner!

What day is it??
I had to look at my watch!

Wed  12.40pm 10.6km Roo+Lake 42m15  (4m00 K's)
Tues 11.48am 10.6km Roo+Lake  44m27  (4m12s K's)

Still splashing around in Monsoonal conditions!
My Shoe rotation options have just been expanded though I'm not sure I want to 'dirty' my brand new Pearl Izumi - Streaks  or my Adidas - Tempo. 

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Anonymous said...

Here is a recently turned master from Mass. Solid on the New England circuit.


Chelsea were awful for 2 of the goals but a decent result. Bring on Wolves.