20 December 2010

Norman Wisdom , Johnny, Joey, Dee Dee

Sun 6.00pm Nudgee 15 X 400m 110m jog recovery

It pi$$ed down all day yesterday, I waited and waited for the rain to let up but it didn't so I had to run in atrocious conditions! Needless to say I was the only one at the track. I switched on my Garmin but it said 0% battery life so I had to run them untimed. The Garmin probably would have malfunctioned with all the water anyway. Remarkably I felt good throughout. The recovery was easy, the intervals were consistent. Perhaps it helped that the temperature was very very cool for Brisbane about 19 O C. Saturdays poor performance has certainly spurred me on and I have the motivation to really get going again.March March March across Red Square.....

The World Masters rankings are posted. There are lots of omissions (like I didn't see Keith Bateman's name credited clear top by a mile in any of his events!!). Congratulations to all who made it including Jamie and Bruce.Peter Reeves, Ronnie Peters. Phil Davies in the M50 10,000. Glenda in the Ladies W45 5000 and Marcia in the W50 5000 were both right up there. 
Writing of Keith, he broke the World M55 Mile Record on Saturday 4m35.04 !