26 December 2010

Boxingday Handicap - Dirty Old Town

Sun 1.32pm 10.6km Roo+Lake 40m39  (3m50 K's)

No time to get down to the track so squeezed in a quick run in the rain! 
Quite a bit cooler than normal conditions so  able to speed the pace up.
Family and I had a great Christmas Day hope your was the same.
Spent the Day at Nat's relatives and I heard one music track that I knew but couldn't recognize, so I had to ask. It was Dirty Old Town but this version was by The Pogues where as I am so used to the Dubliner's version. 
I checked out both again tonight on You Tube and had to decide which one merited posting here. Difficult choice but I like the harmonica in The Pogues version and besides, Shane has the type of face that makes every man feel good!


Anonymous said...

Written about Salford...your 5:50 / mile 6+ miler most likely cost you your sub 9:20 Dave. Glad you liked the links I sent you. Loved the gola spikes picture...reminded me of all the underage XC in Ireland. Remember to do more recovery runs. Had to laugh at your reference to not liking the cold. Did a 10 miler this am where the temp was 22F and we are about to get 12-16 inches of snow in the NYC area. Dave, I can send you a "fix" if you want to convert your garmin back from bing to google maps. It is fairly straight forward and means using google chrome as your browser. Depression has now set in as Manure are 2 up. It is not too late to come over to the other side Dave (the true Reds)

Take care

David Sweeney said...

Thanks for your comments.
My Masters career would have been far more difficult to achieve had I to contend with running in far worse weather conditions than we Queenslander's have to contend and in many ways it is because the weather is normally so beautiful here that I decided to start running again and am able to run every day!
I use Chrome as my browser but wonder what the advantages google maps provides over bing ? It's not as if I run different courses ever!!
My wife got the reference YNWA after I read her your comment. Her football coach a Liverpool fan always signs off the same. Please tell us about yourself?

Anonymous said...

You want to know more about YNWA?

YNWA is of a pale complexion...
Lays on the sofa for several hours after a run while surfing the web with his laptop, watching the latest football (Euro) on his new digital widescreen TV and enjoying the warmth of his tightly wrapped Snuggie...at the same time, yelling at his wife to get him fresh bagels.

...but he's correct, you could have raced faster by not running your training runs so fast before your race.

Stay dry and safe,

Francis Burdett

David Sweeney said...

Hi Francis,

Thanks for your comments! I cant see The Hero with a Thousand Laces wearing a Snuggie but mind you when I was cold back in the UK I might have worn anything to stay warm!
Congrats on your terrific 3rd place in the USA Masters National XC Champs! Beating Tony Young is a great scalp! What will you race in the Worlds?