25 December 2010

Seasons Greetings!

Hi All.

Best wishes for Christmas and Holidays all!
Guess what ? I've been running some really different training runs these last few days!!!
Well sorry to say it was actually more of the same, just different times of day and different pace!.
For me pace is always about how easy I feel running/ how much pain I feel.
Last couple of days knee and groin/thigh were difficult, today it was pi$$ing down again and I really didn't fancy training , and was very close to having a recovery day but was home  early from work (Public Servant!) had only had one 0.5 ltr stubbie of Brok at work) and just felt ancy when I got home.
Natalie wanted me to go to Chermside to check out some outdoor furniture shops (Xmas Eve !!!) so I acquiesced to keep the harmony but didn't realize I was supposed to commit to buying something there and then! So I upset the Misses by not shelling out 1/2/3 $Grand on new outdoor setting   cos we are having people over for New Years Eve! But know I will be spending 1/2/3K in the next few days!!
Any how's was not much up for a run but forced myself out the door into the rain! Conditions were pretty muggy (warm and humid) and remarkably this arvo, I felt 'OK' and ran sub 4min K's!
Hope you all enjoy the holidays and your families have a great time - my thoughts are ...get up early(not going to happen!!) ...go for a run and then what ever else happens I'll feel comfortable with myself!

I had a comment on a post a few months ago from fellow blogger Josh Amberger. Since then I have kept an eye and posted the odd comment on his blog.
In particular it is interesting for the insight it provides on a 21 year old World Class Tri athlete living and training in Brisbane.
 I remember lining up for the Queensland State 5000m Champs a few years ago with Josh and raced him in past Bridge to Brisbane's.  
Check out his commitment to being a Tri Guy on his blog

Yearly review up next!

Fri 5.37pm 10.62km Roo+Lake 41m05  (3m52s K's)
Thur 5.12am 10.61km Roo+Lake 45m44 (4m19 K's)
Wed 6.00pm 10.65km Roo+Lake 45m02 (4m14 K's)


Anonymous said...

Merry christmas Dave, Well no outdoor furniture means wont be venturing north to see for a BBQ and risk sitting on the grass:)
Where you defecting to by the way??
Good Luck for 2011

Anonymous said...

Dave, Shameful.....First Aussie Tom , then Skippy Andy and now you leave us.....what's going on? :)
Remember, 3 Lions will always outdo a kangaroo .