10 February 2008

Aidan Hobbs

Sunday 5.00am Nudgee 6 X 1000m 200m walk/jog recovery

First two = 3m00 and 3m03 estimate the rest between 3m05 to 3m10

Sunday 5.00pm 6KM Roo 21m57

During the a.m. session I decided not to time the K's after the first two as I wanted to finish the set and needed to make it within a certain degree of achievable comfort zone running. It is so hard for me to get moving in the early mornings I needed to blank out the harshest of task masters - the stop watch!

Right Here Right Now you should be able to hear Fat Boy Slim - 'Right Here Right Now', they used to play it at Highbury right before the players came out of the tunnel, it was on a loop that got louder and more dramatic just as they were coming onto the pitch. I have no idea if the tradition continued at the Emirates - Does anyone Know? Can any non Gooners recognise The famous Four Gooners I have now posted permanently above my Seasons Bests?

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