01 February 2008

Mark Jones

Friday 5.00am 11Km Roo+ Lake 43m07 (3m57 KM's)

6.00pm Nudgee A Half Zatopek 20 X 400m 120m jog recovery Ave 72 secs

(finished with a 66sec) Good session on a par with last time I ran this session. Blustery conditions. Humid.
Made the mistake of not wearing socks just spikes and feet have blistered!
So tough getting through this session, I have to approach it by saying to myself first 7/8 laps are a 3000m then get to 12/ 13 laps and tell myself its only 5000m then tell myself its only 8/7 laps to go!!During intervals 10 to 15 my concentration waivered on three intervals and I ended up with 73's but all I had to do was concentrate and I'd run a 72 or a 71. Had a slight calf niggle after twelve but it didnt develop into anything so really pleased to complete session and after a morning 11KM!! Serious stuff!

The weeks training has been a little mundane as I was not able to get to the track earlier in the week and the influence of next weeks State 5000m Champs (Open) on Wednesday starts to have an influence on decisions.

For recent photos of me racing check out my 'Bob Mallows' post.
I love the shot taken near the start with me surrounded by all the youngsters.
That's me in the black and white stipes of Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers if you couldn't work it out.

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