24 February 2008

Alan Guilder

Sunday 10.00am Nudgee, Half Zatopek = 20 X 400m

110m jog recovery Ave 71secs

(finished with a reserved 67)

Mental anguish and torture completing this session (as ever!), you start the session thinking 1 down 19 to go! 2 down 18 to go (1/10th completed) and so on.

To keep plugging away at 71's between ten and fifteen is really tough but when you get to fifteen down your on the home stretch and you know you can complete it.

Rather hot again today but not quite the 40 O we had yesterday just a sapping 30 O today!

Stayed up to watch Arsenal last night . Eduardo suffered a really terrible broken leg, so gruesome that they wouldn't show replays on TV. We went one down to Birmingham,(away) but came back to 2-1 up then conceded a penalty in the third minute of extra time - quite unbearable to watch. Gap over Manu in the Prem now down to 3 points!

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