02 February 2008

Billy Dee

Sat. 7.00pm 11KM roo+lake 42m24 (3m53 KM's)

It was really warm and humid this evening. One of the reasons I dont tend to train at night!
It gets a bit uncomfortable with all the midges/flies that come out at dusk not allowing much open mouth breathing. Another issue with evening runs is all the Cane Toads I nearly step on! Hundreds of the big bastards! it means that I cant really run on the grass for fear of stepping on one of those mothers and also snakes! so I stick to the middle of the concrete pathway at night.

Happy with run tonight as feeling yesterdays Halk Zatopek plus 11KM. Comfortable tonight and tried not to push it too hard.

I'm just messing around on the computer trying to convert pdf into jpeg in order to post here.

If successful should be able to publish some old photos of my life.

Here is the All England Schools 5000m final in 1979 where I finished 4th (a year under age) in 14m44.4 on 7th July 1979 in Nottingham photo by Gary Taylors dad!
Wow it works! I havent changed my style much! Still the same high arms, still the same pained expression! Unfortunately not still the same hair! Wish I still had those spikes though = "EB" (a Finnish make!) white calf leather with green sole really smart

Billy Dee Luton based contemprary of mine. He committed to the cause during his twenties and gained international selection and some brilliant times.

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