12 February 2008

Jamie Harrison

Tuesday 6.00pm Nudgee 14 X 300m - 100m jog recovery Ave 51 secs (finished 48.29)

Completed in teeming rain , the track was holding the water in the inside lane and I was wet through after 400m of my 2K warm up!
I dispensed with my saturated top after 7 intervals and felt good even carrying the extra water in my shoes socks and shorts.
A good set, 51's is like running 68's / 69's for 400m so I'm impressed with that sort of effort.
The recovery 100m is over quickly as you slow down from your interval and you speed up to hit the line flying.
Nearly forgot to mention Arsenal beat Blackburn this morning to go 5 points clear at the top of the Premier League!

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