11 February 2008

Phil Klien

Monday 5.00am 11 KM Roo+Lake 44m51 (4m01 'KM)

It is now dark when I get up at 5.00am and some of the warmth of the day before has dissipated and it might even be regarded as nearly 'fresh' @ 21 0 C !
The big question I ask myself now is 'do I need my Sunnies?' Now, the answer is probably not. However, before I hit the road I seem to be loaded up with 'extra' gear! = Watch, ipod worn in arm band, tissue to prevent sweat in ipod, headband plus all the other running gear. Running can be such a simple sport, its a shame that I feel the need to load myself up with all these extras.

Felt tired today but only to be expected considering two sessions yesterday and bloody fast run on Sat!
Man City beat ManU last night and Chelsea Drew with Liverpool - You Beauty!

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