19 February 2008

Mike Puddifoot

Tuesday 5.30pm Nathan Road Kippa Ring 4 X 1000m Jog back recovery

3m03, 3m00, 2m55, 2m49

A good solid session. I was amazed at how quickly I was recovering from each interval. It seemed like I'd run the interval, pushing as hard as I could, specially the last two, and within
moments of finishing these really hard efforts I'd be back to steady breathing and feeling as if the effort wasnt that hard on me. Dont get me wrong , for me to run a K in 2m49 takes a huge effort, serious concentration and a commitment to push as hard as I can and then push again and all the time trying to maintain momentum pushing the effort through the legs and keeping the upper body relaxed and free from strain! 2K W.U. and 1K W.D.

I'd watched this Ryan Hall video last night. This is impressive. He is so tall!

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