08 February 2008

Jared Hauschildt

Friday 5.00am 11KM Roo+ lake 41m41s (3m47 KM's)
Another hard run with real venom stuck in over the last 6K's.

These images are from the Bridge to Brisbane 2007. This was perhaps my best performance during the Winter of 2007. I finished in 21st place in 39m07 over a 12K course. I went through a more accurate 10K in 33m06 on route. The joy of this type of race is running against the absolute cream of distance talent in S.E. Queensland and being competitive at the sharp end of the field (OK not at the very pointy end!). During this race I seemed to tow a large group of youngsters around with me - it seemed that I had to bear the brunt of the wind running along Kingsford Smith Drive. Some finished just in front but some I managed to drop. I had set out with the goal of top 20 and Sub 40mins so pretty close to satisfying my target. I had and to a degree still have a 'Frozen Shoulder' whichwas more painful during the Winter than it is now and hence I ran in a long sleeve top to try and keep things warmed up! I made the fateful mistake of getting to the start line in the early morning twilight without my sunnies! I dont like running without them and as you can see by the time the race started the sun was up. I believe some 15 or 16,000 runners finished the race .

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