06 February 2008

Ian McKee

Wed 8.00pm Queensland State Open 5000m Champs U.Q. St. Lucia

1st. Darly Crook 15m10.47
2nd. Adam Carlton 15m12.47
3rd. John Athian 15m15.17
4th. Jared Hauschildt 15m16.76
5th. Patrick Nispel 15m17.22
12th David Sweeney 15m42.82

No wind , not hot but we'd had non stop rain for hours beforehand so standing water on the inside lane of the track. Overall good condusive conditions for running.
An OK performance but I guess I expected better. Sometimes the difference between a good performance and an OK one are fairly small. I didnt feel inspired to fight to stay with the bunch I didnt really kick with 800m to go , I didnt really give it my all on the last lap.
Started with 72's, dropped to 74's and got to 76's toward the finish. I think my penultimate lap was a 78! and last lap 74. Not nearly good enough. I guess I'd only have been happy if I could improve on my 15m29 Q'Land Record in this race last year. Went through 3K roughly on track for 15m25 by clocking 9m18, but it wasn't there today. Some of the youngsters ran good times I'll update later. I'm guessing but I probably finished about 12th overall, the race results got split up into U18's, U23's and Open ( I was 5th placed Open finisher but a lot of the youngsters have also beaten me).

Thought I'd brighten up my blog with these colourful shots from the Doomben (NOT) 10,000 last Winter! The first 100 or so runners got turned around too early on the course, not too much of a problem if we then all run the same course but then we ran into the crowds from the earlier to set off Half Mara. I was in 4th place with about 2K to go catching the $100 third place prize but got misdirected again over a longer section of the Half Mara course!
I think I was 7th over the line (1st Master) in a time that didnt mean anything given a place that wasn't right! (three runners passed me that didnt pass me!) The stuff of nightmares! Great course and I'm sure the same mistakes wont be made this year. Anyhow I might run the Half this time!

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