23 February 2008

Mat Phillips

Saturday 8.00am SAF Nathan

State Masters 5000m Championship

1st Place 15m58

It was always going to be hard to force myself to run hard in STINKING HOT conditions backing up after 3K last night and 3 PINTS of VB!
I thought I started conservatively but still managed to go through a K in 3m02, by 3K I was really feeling the heat and questioning my sanity! Why was I making myself do this? It was madness the heat was just savage! I even resorted to grabbing a drink of water on my way round but had the normal convulsion trying to gulp it!
3K was 9m30 and my goal at this point was to see if I could hang on for a sub 16min.
I managed a small kick over the last hundred to creep in under 16 but was delirious by the finish.

I sought shade and shed buckets!
I had to get home immediately to look after the kids as Natalie is working today , so no warm down and was driving home within 15mins of finishing the race. Got home at 9.15am and the temp was 30 0 C!

Supposed to get up to 36 0 today.
It got up to 40 o C Today!!!!

Little wonder with all the sweating I've been doing that I'm weighing in at a skinny 63KG@!

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