14 February 2008

David Beaver

Weds. 5.00am 11KM Roo+ Lake 43m15

Thurs. 5.00am 11KM Roo + Lake 45m14

Found it tough this morning, my right knee has been anissue for at least a year but I manage to accommodate it. Normally it siezes up after a run and it takes a while to warm it up when I start out before it eases up and allows me pain free running.
However, increasingly I feel it might be deteriorating and I shall have to get it seen to.
Hadn't really planned to do any running racing till Pat Carroll's Club 3 KM Team Challenge on Friday 22nd however I've just noticed that QA are having an open 1500m late on Friday at UQ and maybe that might be worthwhile tagging along to?

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