21 November 2010

3000m 9m32 1st by brizzygooner at Garmin Connect - Details

3000m 9m32 1st by brizzygooner at Garmin Connect - Details


Anonymous said...

Didn't they just resurface the track.
You'd think they would have made it level.

Josh Amberger said...

I'm loving the elevation loss/gain each lap!

Nice run :)

Tom said...

How can you run 10 x 400m in 68/69 off 70 seconds rest then only a 9:32?

David Sweeney said...

"only a 9;32"!
Gee Yeah thanks Tom! I did go out of my way to say race day was WINDY!
No I was wondering about it myself.
Used the Garmin as a stopwatch, noted that the maps have a gap between start and finish?? But even then overmeasure the 400's (0.41)
But I think they only register gps data every 4 secs so that might explain map gaps.
Same session last week same timing method and could only manage 71/72 but it was very WINDY.
Maybe Garmin Sponsored Josh Burgerman can provide us an explanation!!?

Tom said...

Didn't mean to be rude! Take it as a compliment that I think you should be going much quicker! If I'd said "9:32 is about what you're capable of" you'd be well pissed off!