20 November 2010

Who's who of Queensland Masters

Sat 7.00am  SAF Nathan QMA 3000m 9m33.01   1st

The wind was really gusting/howling last night and I thought it did not bode well for this morning.
I woke at 4.30am and could still hear it but nevertheless got up at 4.45am to see if the weather
would accommodate racing. The Golden Palms around the pool were in full movement with the gusts
at times bending them over. I decided I would not race as times would be so slow I'd be disappointed.
So as I sipped my tea I thought what would I do to make up for it 2 X Roo+Lake 22KM ?
Bugger it! 
I thought 90mins by myself or 10mins with Masters ! 
I decided to race. Arrived slightly late for a full warm up but felt OK as I toed the line with a veritable who's who of Queensland Masters; Marcia Sheer, Glenda Banaghan, Phil Davies, the formidable Ronnie Peters and even Brendan Wheelan officiating!
70 secs for first lap, 3m06 for 1K, 6m21 at 2K (3m14), 9m32 (3m11).
The wind was, as expected, really tough, stop you in your tracks tough, sap you of everything tough, in my estimation it was worth 10 secs so to finish up marginally faster than last time in tough conditions I was happy.
The BOM official figures for between 7 and 7.30am were wind speed 15km an hour gusting to 32km an hour, and SAF is set somewhat exposed atop a hilly plateau.
Results are here


TokyoRacer said...

Good race. I really hate wind....

Secret Blog for Killing Track PBs said...

Good to see the form coming along David.