29 November 2010

Nudgee 5 X 1000m 200m jog recovery

Sun 5.00pm Nudgee 5 X 1000m  200m jog recovery
3m06, 3m10, 3m13, 3m10, 3m08

Mon 5.15am 5.6km Roo 25m  (4m29 K's)

I cut this mornings run short as I was knackered and suffering with the knee and hammy.
Yesterdays track session was also a bit of an effort. Racing on Sat and then having a track session the following day does not really work out well for me (Mondays are nearly always a write off as a consequence) so I might change it to a long run Sunday and try to make it to the track during the week. Idealy I'd like to do two track sessions a week but at the moment I dont think my body could cope.

1 comment:

Scott Brown said...

great sesssion of 1Ks David, I could probably do that now if they were all run down hill and I had 2mins standing recovery.

I'd like to see the last one in slow motion ;)