08 November 2010

John Eales

5 X 1KM  200m jog recovery (2mins)  
3m03 (160bpm) , 3m09 (164bpm), 3m11 (167bpm), 3m08 (169bpm),3m08 (171bpm)

I was at the API Queensland Property Conference on the Gold Coast Fri/Sat and rested on Saturday. The motivational speaker this year was John Eales legendary Wallaby who gave an inspirational presentation, very impressed.
Sunday did K'm at Nudgee . Quite a windy day and found it very tough going. Give me 20 X 400m anyday!
Half time at the Emirates and Newcastle lead the Gooners 0 - 1, it seems like it may be one of those games! - Maybe I'll concentrate on watching the NYC Marathon live.


Tom said...

One of those games? Where a resurgent Toon perform to expectations! You've had it too good for too long mate!

David Sweeney said...


Anonymous said...

Hey Dave, No wonder Tom had a spring in his step at todays lunchtime run - Never shut up for 60 minutes on how the Toon smacked the Gooooonnnnners:)
You still have that soft underbelly within the team Dave? :)