09 November 2010

Nundah Twilight Crit

Mon 12.00noon 12.31km 'GoBetween'  52m06   (4m14s K's)
Tues 6.00pm 5KM Nundah Twilight Crit 16m29s  172bpm

I wanted to do something different in 'training' so went along to see what the Nundah Twilight Crit was all about.
Held over a 1.2KM accurate/measured course = 4.17 laps at Albert Bishop Cycle Track.
The lap is flat, one long straight and about 4 curvaceous bends. Very important to run the tangents! Small field perhaps 6 of us started. It was humid and a little windy. The  Garmin does not measure circuits very well ( as I have seen at the track), and tended to over measure the K's so it ended up giving me 5.1KM, the 'K's went;
3m06, 3m13, 3m17, 3m20, 3m15m + 18s for 105m.
HR was; 158bpm, 171bpm, 174bpm, 176bpm, 180bpm, 183bpm
That 183bpm is the highest figure I have managed to crank out.
I ran the whole 'race' by myself, my stomach felt off (Spag Bol for lunch!), was really quite concerned about hammy during warm up but once again (maybe its the adrenalin) didn't seem to affect me during the run but again did so after. 
I thought that was a good workout.

Couple of other things, I think Haile will race again, only a few weeks ago he was talking about London, I just feel the injury has got him down. He'll take a few weeks/months off and start running again.

The most annoying advert on TV featuring a 'runner' ! I just don't like the running style and it is so stupid ! As if a house owner is not going to be know where his house is!
The premise is if it is not listed on Domain.com it is invisible!
The video soundtrack is out of sink with the action for some reason but you'll get the picture.
There again there is that advert with two female runners sort of racing each other
and they go through a turn-style ! What is that all about - just rubbish!

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