21 November 2010

sick as a parrot!

4.00pm Nudgee 10x400m 115m jog recovery (70secs?)
67:21, 68:48, 68:28, 69.44, 68:74
69:40, 68:08, 66:77, 69:16, 68:65
ave 68:42

Conditions still breezy down home straight but not as bad as yesterday or last week.
very happy to keep them all under 70, timed via stopwatch function.
heart rate ave per rep went;
146, 154, 155, 156, 156
158, 158, 160, 161, 162
the maximum bpm were up around 175

We went to see the new Harry Potter last night, quality! 

I can't talk about football Sick as a Parrot!!

Posted via Maxeys iPod touch!

You know what I really enjoy, when you challenge your wife to name the band and she cant and then you name the band and she doubts your correct and you Google it and your right and you play it with your hands raised in triumph!!
This tune is currently playing on an ad here and I got to raise my arms in triumph!


Anonymous said...

C'mon Dave, no mention of the footy? oh dear.....go and sit with Tom he's in the same situation today. Let me know if you would like a Stoke shirt to parade in Brisvegas anytime :)
Mr Wenger, what a bitter old guy he's getting !!!

Scott Brown said...

"and you play it with your hands raised in triumph!!"

I'd like to do that David but that would leave my testicles exposed ;)