18 November 2010

Hot Town Summer in the City!

Thurs 5.00am 10.48km Roo+Lake  43m37  (4m10 K's)

Tough going this morning (pain), only really got moving when I came up on a guy running with a large back pack on (probably training for Army reserves or something like that). Well I couldn't just edge slowly past him, it had to be a dramatic flash past! Don't these guys carry 40 to 60kg? Anyhow I managed to keep the raised tempo going all the way home and was happy with that. The Garmin came up short again today - bizarre! I know that clouds are not supposed to affect them but I think they ours do! We had very heavy looking rain clouds though it was warm (24 O C at 5.00am) and humid!
These Summer mornings are really bring out the 'fairweather' runners! There has been a dramatic increase in numbers over the last few weeks. It is always good to see the ladies who probably out number the guys 3 to 1 on an average morning.

Going to race 3000m at Masters, Saturday morning , if weather looks good.

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